Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nick Chicken's Food Show *Special Edition*

Hi guys, in case you didn't know, I host a web series you can find on YouTube. It's called Nick Chicken's Food Show. So far, we've had three seasons, with a few unaired episodes coming soon. Here is the show, starting with the first webisode I hosted when I was in first grade.


About Nick Chicken's Food Show

Nick Chicken's Food Show stars Nick Chicken and is produced by Lisa Pizza. There are many characters, and there are still new ones who may join! In this interview, you will learn who the characters' names are, what they like about the show, and much more! Here are the characters' "fooditific" names.

Featured characters

Host: Nick Chicken                              Nick's buddy: Charlotte Cha Siu Bao
Producer/mother: Lisa Pizza                 Father: Bob Broccoli (new name)
Younger Brother: James Fishy              Puppy: Henry McMuffin                
Aunt: Sarah Pancakes                         Aunt's partner: Katie Bread

The Questions

1. What do you love about being in the show?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. Who is your favorite character?
4. Why would you recommend watching the NC web series?
5. Are there any behind-the-scenes secrets you would like to share?

(Self-)Interview with Nick Chicken

1.  I love being able to make/eat different recipes, and working together with my pals.
2. You would expect me to say that it would be chicken, but it is actually ice cream.
3. I don't have a favorite character, I love everybody (and their personality) who participates in the show!
4. It's fun for everyone to learn about food with a little bit of humor sprinkled in. And the more watches the better (don't forget to watch James Fishy, Season 2, and Nick Chicken's Nature Show)!
5. Well, if you really want to know where the "Chicken" part of the Nick Chicken name came from, it's because it matches well with Nick. That's all!

Interview with Lisa Pizza

1. I enjoy collaborating with my son - I think we make a great team. I love doing things that involve food and family. I'm a Hungry Ghost!
2. I love many different kinds of food, but I'll say Chinese/Taiwanese dumplings.
3. I love all the characters, but my favorite is the main star and show creator Nick Chicken.
4. It's fun for families to learn about food together.
5. All of our "fooditific" names were created by Nick Chicken. We didn't get to choose them.

If you have a show idea, leave a comment!!{#emotions_dlg.rofl}

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