Friday, July 27, 2012

My Brother's Field Trip

Nolan's class barbecue
Brothers at the BBQ (Nico is the one on the right)

Arriving at the Field Trip

Today at my brother's school, his preschool class had a field trip at Ortega Park, and mom and I joined them. As my mom and I walked toward the barbeque area to help make the fire, we spotted Nolan at the drinking fountain with his friends. We had just finshed parking, and started to help his teachers set everything up. Then I went to the playground to take photos of Nolan playing with his friends.

Photographing Nolan

When I walked to the playground, I found Nolan and climbed up a ladder. Then I started to snap photos of him, but while I was doing that he asked me if I wanted to play Ninjago with him and his friends. I said yes, but he asked me what character I wanted to be, and I said "Pythor." Nolan said that he was "Rattla" and that his friend was "Skales." Instead of playing, I mostly took photos.

Building Sand Castles

After thinking about it, I asked Nolan if he wanted to build some sand castles with me. He nodded, and so we slid down the slides to the sand area. We started to build some mountains, and then another kid from his class helped. Pretty soon all of the kids were helping, and we ended up with two holes (one deep, one wide) and three mountains (all unique). Then we partnered up to go back to the BBQ lunch (my partner was Nolan).

Eating time

Now it was time to eat. We had hot dogs, chips, watermelon chunks, baby carrots, cookies and bottled water. I helped with it a little bit. When some of the kids were finished, we played (chaos) tag. Nolan played too, but for some reason then started to cry. Then we played hide-and-seek when he was feeling better, but it was time for everybody to check in to return to school. Nolan was still hiding and since nobody knew where he was, some of the teachers and parents called for him. He dashed out of a bush, and was happy at first but then saw everyone looking at him and started to cry again. He was pretty embarrassed from what just happened.

Going Back to Preschool

My mom and I drove back to Nolan's school after the field trip was over. Instead of walking back with his teachers and classmates, Nolan came with us because he was still not in a good mood. When we arrived, all the cots were laid out for the kids to take a nap. I looked at the snake, mantis, and bird (not to mention silkworm/moth), while Nolan put his cover and blanket on his cot (today he didn't have his Pillow Pet, Bumbly Bee). Then the rest of the kids who walked from the BBQ back to school came in and got ready to nap, too. We waved goodbye to Nolan, and when we were about to leave, it looked like Nolan was about to cry again. 

I hope this turned out a happy ending! {#emotions_dlg.whistle}

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